Top 3 Restaurants That Dominate The Google Rankings

Want to improve your site’s search rankings? These three restaurants dominate Google rankings. Usually, at The Station Carrboro Chicago we stick with talking about Chicago-based restaurants but because these three companies have been doing such amazing job, we just had to talk about them.  Here’s what you can learn from them:

                             Johnny Carino’s

This popular Italian restaurant chain ranks near the top for some searches. If you are searching for an Italian restaurant in your area, and you live near a Johnny Carino’s, their site may be the first one that you see.

What makes Johnny Carino’s stand above other Italian restaurant chains? To start, they include footer text on all of their pages. This footer text contains valuable keywords, like “original dishes.”

Johnny Carino’s also features their menu on their website. This means that they can rank for specific dishes, like chicken parmasean.

The restaurant website also contains lots of information about the restaurant’s history. The part of the site that explains the history makes use of header tags that include keywords like “family restaurant” and “authentic Italian restaurant.”

Whether your restaurant is serving Italian cuisine or American-style dishes, it’s clear that you can learn a lot from these websites. The basic techniques that are used on this site have helped it to rise above some of its stiffest competition.

                               P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s is tremendously popular, and that is partial because of their website. P.F. Chang’s has had a strong web presence for a long time. They were working on their website at a time when a lot of their competitors were ignoring the Internet.

While you can’t travel back in time to create a website for your restaurant, you can learn from the things that P.F. Chang’s is doing right now. There are a lot of techniques that you can implement on your website.

One of the things that the P.F. Chang’s uses heavily is images. They ensure that they won’t just get traffic from ordinary searches; they get traffic from image searches as well. Many people that are searching for pictures of Chinese food will be treated to a picture of a P.F. Chang’s dish.

Like Johnny Carino’s, P.F. Chang’s also includes a menu on their website. P.F. Chang’s divides their menu up into sections. They don’t just post their standard menu online; they post their happy hour menu online. This means that they can draw in traffic from people that are looking for Happy Hour specials.

The last thing that P.F. Chang’s does well is updating their site frequently. The P.F. Chang’s website is updated on a regular basis. This means that search engines are frequently crawling the site. This has had a very positive impact on their rankings.

                                Boston Market

Boston Market isn’t exactly a traditional restaurant. What it offers is closer to a fast food experience. With that said, its site ranks above many competitors that provide a fancier dining experience.

What does the Boston Market website do well? To start, the site loads in very quickly. The fast load times have had a very positive impact on the site’s SEO. The site also displays correctly on mobile devices. People can browse the site regardless of the device that they are using.

The site also offers an impressive range of content. It doesn’t just include a menu; it has detailed nutritional menu about the dishes that they serve. The site can attract traffic from people that want to make healthy eating choices.

The website also contains information about all of its locations. This means that anyone can have Boston Market appear in their search results, whether they are in Roseville, Minnesota or Los Angeles California.

The Boston Market website offers a range of content. There are pictures, videos, blog posts, and so much more. It has everything it needs to succeed. That’s why this site continues to be at the top of the search rankings.

If you want your restaurant to dominate Google’s rankings, you are going to want to learn from the best. Take a look at what these sites are doing right, and see if you can learn anything from them.

Many people turn to search engines when they want to find a new restaurant in their area. If you can draw in more search traffic to your site, you’ll see a lot of success.