Ashley furniture is well known for their quality and reasonable prices, but we all still want to save money. How can you save money on Ashley furniture without driving yourself crazy?

The first way we save money is to watch their sales. Ashley Furniture stores have sales going on every day. Of course, the pieces of furniture we want the most never seem to be on sale when we are ready to buy. We have left our names with sales managers at a couple local stores with lists of furniture we really like and asked them to call us when it goes on sale. Sometimes they call to offer us a discount even when it is not on sale.

Are you signed up for The Ashley Furniture newsletter? What, you are not? We receive offers for discounts every month on furniture. Sometimes it is on specific pieces of furniture, but we frequently get coupons offering 10% to 20% off any non-sale item in the store or just see the latest purple promo code. This can make something we thought was too expensive before more affordable.

Did you check on the website? Online price is sometimes cheaper than in-store pricing. The website gives you the option to get local pricing by entering your zip code. Compare the price you find online to what you saw in the store. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Are you buying furniture for an entire room? We asked for a discount when we purchased an entire bedroom set. They gave us a fair discount which saved enough to buy accessories for the room.

Did you know Ashley Furniture has outlet stores? No, not their regular stores. They have stores that offer up to 60% off of regular prices. These stores will not have the full line of products, but it is a great place to save money and get quality.

They have an outlet store online, too. You can buy furniture at outlet prices and have it delivered directly to your home. The rates are much lower. The outlet store usually has furniture which is being discontinued from the regular line, but still looks fabulous. Unless you are worried about having the latest style, it is one of the best ways to save money.

Since we mentioned closeouts at outlet stores, have you asked the salespeople at the local stores what they need to get rid of? Every store has furniture they want to get sold quickly, but may not have marked down yet. A simple question can get you a quick discount.

Ashley Furniture shows up for sale in ads in Facebook groups, Craigslist, at auctions, and garage sales frequently. This can be a way to buy furniture if you are on a tight budget. We stay away from these options only because of the risk of getting damaged furniture. It is hard to see if something is broken inside a chair or sofa.

Ashley Furniture is an excellent value at their regular prices, but why not save money when you can? Using these few ideas can help you save money when you buy a single piece or an entire room of furniture.